Tuesday, February 3, 2009

GroovyGirl's Russian Bread

This afternoon the girl made some Braided Russian Bread on her own.

For her girls' club she needed to make a recipe from one of three selected countries - and bring the food to share with the other girls.

I'm not too sure how authentic the recipe is - but Russia was one of the countries and this was called Russian Bread - so we went with it :)

The recipe made 2 large braided loaves - so there was a time of taste-testing...it was wonderful! GroovyGirl is quite the cook!

The bread has a glaze on top (confectioner's sugar, lemon & water)...the bread ends up tasting very similar to a cinnamon roll - though not as sweet.

The girl loved it. The boy - picked out the raisins and ate it :)


Jennifer said...

That looks yummy. Is it a yeasty bread?

Amy said...

I would love this recipe... it looks yummy:)

CanadianGrandma said...

Tell Groovy girl to keep up the good work!