Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blueberries Banish Blahs

1.5 lbs of blueberries. In February. Doesn't sound too frugal does it?

Well the girl wanted the blueberries and as she is a good little money saver and has close to a million $ in her piggy bank by now - she helped finance the blueberry acquisition.

One way we deal with the edible "wants" of our children that may not seem all that frugal or wise to us is that they can use their allowance to finance the purchase or to finance a portion of it.

We forgot to buy cream to eat them with (cream & sugar) so we had to suffice with fat-free milk and sugar (not nearly as decadent!).

If you close your eyes while eating them, maybe, just maybe you can feel like it's 85 degrees outside and the middle of summer.


CanadianGrandma said...

Mmmm! Blueberries are my favourite fruit! I bought some two weeks ago and they were very good...I prefer wild blueberries, much tastier;however,in the winter the tame ones will suffice!

Jennifer said...

Charlotte loves blueberries. If I remember correctly, they were the first fruit she fed herself. I buy the frozen ones for her though in the big 3 lb bag. She isn't picky enough yet to request fresh berries.

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