Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Recipe Book Organizing

I love organizing things (and people) - my problem is sticking with the program I have organized and ending up with things all in a mess.

Perhaps it's due to the New Year so I've been making lists (and checking them twice) and trying to re-organize some things.

Today it was my binder cookbook.

Most of my recipes come from the internet and some are torn from magazines. I usually get a hard copy of an internet recipe and then hole punch it and file it in a binder. Lots of times I'm too lazy to do the hole punching part so the recipes get shoved into the binder. My binder wasn't in too bad of shape until recently when the rings came loose and things fell out and mixed up. I decided it was time for a new plan.

I decided to streamline the book and to format all the recipes so that they looked the same. Not as hard as it seems since a lot of the recipes already had the URL - so I could copy the recipe and re-format it and make any changes to the recipe that I had on my original copy. I also pitched some recipes I figured I didn't need.

So far I've re-formatted about 40 recipes and it's looking good. I still have another stack to go through - but I think I might pitch a bunch of them as they fall into the "dessert" category and I don't make a whole lot of desserts. And really isn't ice-cream just about the perfect dessert? I could just keep a carton of that in the freezer and pull it out when need be - problem is that the "need be" would be daily. I'm not an ice-cream connoisseur so Aldi Vanilla Brand at less than $2 a carton is good enough for me (and the kids!...though they always try to persuade me to get chocolate or chocolate chip...I like vanilla b/c it tastes the best and it's more versatile...though I do give in occasionally and let the kids pick).

I figure that once I have gone through all my recipes I'm on the road to menu planning (something that has never worked for me yet)...or at the very least I'll have some tried and true recipes that I can get my hands on in a jiffy.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. This is one area I've had such trouble in. Currently I have a file box that is a mess. I would probably use more recipes if they were better organized and I didn't dread opening that little box. Thanks for the tip.

CanadianGrandma said...

I must go through my recipes as well. This is something I do every'd think I wouldn't have much left to do and YET I do!