Friday, January 30, 2009

Not A Very Good Way To Start The Morning

I decided to make a fresh batch of granola for breakfast this morning. We usually have cold cereal - but I thought I'd go the extra inch and whip up something a bit more interesting.

I have a great granola recipe that only takes about 15 min as it's "cooked" in the microwave.

I have an old, large, green, heavy glass bowl that I like to use for mixing bread dough and for making granola. I received the bowl for our wedding 13.5 yrs ago.

While the granola was microwaving I thought I heard a funny sound coming from the microwave - but as the microwave is actually much older than the bowl I didn't worry about it.

At the end of the timing I went to take out the granola and found a large crack down the side of the bowl :( At least the granola was not littered with bits of glass. I carefully scooped out the granola and placed it in another container. Only when I went to lift the bowl again did the whole chunk of glass break away from the bowl. Sigh.


Our Crew said...

That is SO sad!! But look at this way - now you'll have the fun of looking for a new fun bowl with which to replace this one. Make it a special one too! :-)

Jennifer said...

I would hate it if something special like that broke, especially if I used to as often as you used your bowl.

Haven't seen many new foods recently... I saw a Buddha's Hand at a Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago and thought of you. It smelled REALLY good!

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