Tuesday, January 20, 2009

M&M Candies - Cold or Warm?

I'm just wondering how many folks prefer their M&M candies cold or warm...we keep some M&Ms in the freezer for preservation purposes (the M&Ms stay fresh plus out of sight out of mind means they last longer) - but 1/2 of our family members also prefer their M&Ms "frozen". I, on the other hand - prefer mine to be warm to the point where the chocolate inside is liquid. This can be attained by putting the M&Ms in the sun or by placing them in a glass dish on a warm oven or in front of a little heater.

Three quarters of our family love M&M Blizzards - but I have to take a pass on it. Hard bits of crunchy chocolate - nasty!

I'm still on my paper organizing kick so I haven't had much time for blog posting. Well I did write a very long post the other day but it's still sitting in my draft "box" and will probably remain there forever... Someday it would be fun to post all the draft items...maybe I'll post just the titles...usually stuff remains in the draft stage b/c A) it's not finished B) it didn't sound so great after I wrote it C) it's something I'm soapboxing about and figure there would be folks that would end up offended


TheSaxonHus said...

Warm M & Ms? No way.

CanadianGrandma said...

I prefer "Smarties" over M&M's; however, they have to be VERY cold, preferably frozen. I like chocolate bars that way too!

Anonymous said...

M&ms are so much better frozen!!! I think that they are quite nasty warm.But mom loves them that way.