Friday, November 7, 2008

Loving the Web But Hating the Spider

Don't know how well this web will show up - definitely need to click on it to get a better look...

I've always hated spiders! I still remember, as a youth, being frightened by a spider, while I was out picking blueberries with my grandma. Her reply was "Unless there is a man around, don't scream about a spider" (or some such thing).

Spider webs are beautiful (well the outdoor ones that is) - especially when they are shimmering with morning dew.


CanadianGrandma said...

Webs are beautiful creations! We should learn from the spiders as they are tireless and patient in their work.

Jennifer said...

At our last house, about this time of year, we would walk out in the morning to a yard full of spiderwebs... on the trees, shrubs, flowers, yard ornaments, and even the grass. It was amazing how industrious those spiders could be overnight! And I agree with you, it is the dew on the webs that make them so beautiful and ethereal.