Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Think I'll Just Skip Answering The Telephone

between now and the election.

Most of our communication with family and friends is via e-mail, so our telephone rarely rings. When the phone does ring it's usually a) wrong number b) sales call.

Lately it has been more and more of the "sales call" variety - reminding us to go vote on Tuesday or to ask for our support etc. To make matters worse, for the most part, the calls are all pre-recorded call wasn't pre-recorded but would have sounded better if it had been.

I might also need to refrain from answering the telephone the day AFTER the election b/c I will either be sleeping in after celebrating into the wee hours...or sleeping in because I was up to the wee hours lamenting the state of our nation!

Never thought I'd say this - but if the wrong candidate gets elected maybe we'll need to move to Conservative Canada.


Heather said...

I am tempted to get off the internet till it is over--so sick of reading all sorts of things that I disagree with or which show that people I admire for some things have obviously lost their minds. :) Glad I am not alone.

Edi said...

I agree! I don't know why I keep reading my favorite news sources or any online news source - I just get all frustrated and angry!

I could avoid reading them - but I have a desire to know what's going on and yet at the same time - wish I could just be ignorant. Ignorance may be bliss - but it won't change the truth.

CanadianGrandma said...

You'd be most welcome in the greatest country in the world!