Friday, October 24, 2008

What's Up With Mr. Dryer???

This morning I began my Friday load of laundry - put it through the wash cycle - popped it in the dryer and let it time out. The clothes were not dry at the end of the time period - so I turned the dryer back on and it wouldn't turn on.

Now I've had this problem before - one time it was due to some type of belt needing to be replaced. My Mr. Fix-It (he can pretty much fix everything except the economy) took the whole thing apart single-handedly, replaced the belt and made it go.

Then it seems like in the past yr another part broke and had to be replaced - no problem. Mr. Fix-It researches the probable cause, orders the part on eBay or some on-line store and fixes it again.

I'm not too sure how old Mr. Dryer is - he's aged pretty well. The dryer was here when we moved in about 12 years ago and it was somewhat old at that time.

So anywhoo - not sure what's going on. I went out shopping, prayed about Mr. Dryer - came home and it worked...for awhile. I think it's fever related. I'll guess it's a thermocoupler problem...not sure what a thermocoupler is - a heat sensor?? I think Mr. Fix-It replaced that on our furnace in the past year. Anyway - my theory is some kind of heat thingy isn't working like it should or it's overheating. The dryer will work for about 10 minutes and then shut off. But when I put the clothes in the dryer on "air dry" - it ran for about 30 min.


Jennifer said...

How frustrating when things don't work like we expect. Our old dryer had a problem with the timer that would have cost more than $200 to repair. I opted for a new dryer, but my husband bought me a kitchen timer instead. That was his idea of fixing the problem! :)