Sunday, October 26, 2008

Simple Cookery for Kids

I still have the cookbook that I received when I was taking "Home Ec" classes in Junior High School.

One recipe that I remember making was fruit salad...not too sure why that stands out in my mind. I think we also made pizza...probably the Piece de resistance at the end of the year. I remember during one class in "Home Ec" everyone was talking about how many children they would like to have when they "grew up". I said 10. I have two.

The book has been coverless for many years - wish it was still on as I'd like to know what it was called. The recipes are pretty simple and the directions are written well - so I figured it might be something my daughter could use.

I don't use cookbooks very often - if I'm wanting a recipe I search on-line. But I have made a few of the recipes in this the muffins :)

At the back of the book there are helpful instructions on canning fruits and vegetables and doing laundry. It would probably do me some good to review the section on ironing. Ironing is probably one of my least favorite household tasks - unless I'm just ironing something flat and short like a tea-towel. And no, I don't usually iron my tea-towels, but I do sometimes. And actually they are good things for kids to practice ironing tricky collars and sleeves and if the iron scorches a bit - no harm.

Here are a few of the recipes that I think would be good for my daughter to try:

Baked Apples
Egg In A Nest
Never-Fail Souffle... (I don't think I ever made a souffle - so maybe my dd can make one so she won't have to say she is 40 and never attempted to make one)
Welsh Rabbit...just love the way it sounds
Chili Con Carne... is that any different than just regular chili? The recipe sounds like a regular chili recipe...I almost never use a recipe for my chili so if it turns out great - I won't be able to repeat it.
Bread Pudding...I've had some good bread pudding and some lousy bread pudding - but I've never attempted to make it myself.
Queen Elizabeth Cake...Hey it was a Canadian school...I think this cake sounds elegant!
Butter Tarts...if you've never had them you don't know what you are missing out on!! My girl hates raisins though so she might not be too thrilled about making these - but it's definitely an old family favorite from when I was a girl - so I'd like my girl to at least learn how to make them.

Recipes I don't know if I could stomach:

Shirred eggs...just the word shirred sounds unpleasant - like something that is jiggly and not quite cooked.
Creole Franks on Rice...I like hot dogs - but I don't like wieners in any other fashion...they are pretty much one of the most unhealthy meat "substances" on earth so they rarely make an appearance in our home. The idea of eating wieners for a meal other than a hot-dog gives me the same feelings as the word shirred does (though if I'm really hungry I probably won't turn my nose up at beans and wieners).
Tuna Bake...I love seafood in general but I don't do tuna casseroles. If I make it myself - I can eat a tuna sandwich - but if someone else makes it - I will avoid it at all costs. I do make tuna patties (similar to salmon patties) and the kids love them - but not a favorite of mine. One recipe using tuna that I do like and haven't thought of in years, but loved it as a child, is creamed tuna on toast. YUM!
Liver Creole...I do not eat organ meats.
Crispy Liver Steaks...same as above.
Cream of Celery Soup...never been big on celery and did you know that celery is one of those foods that some people are highly allergic too??

There are many more good, simple recipes in here - and maybe my girl (and the boy) and I will just try working through the cookbook systematically...


CanadianGrandma said...

I like creamed SALMON on toast with the addition of sweetlet peas. I,too, don't care for tuna, but I will eat it if it is served at a place where I have been invited to dinner.

Anonymous said...

I love creamed Salmon too :)

Funny how Jeff in his grade 7 home ec class has made fruit salad and pizza :) They have also made soft tacos, soup (can't remember what kind)and skewers (meat & veggies) - his friend wouldn't touch any of the raw meat.