Saturday, September 13, 2008

Katy Trail - Part 4

The weather seemed kind of "iffy" today, but we decided to hit the road anyway.

Today we did the part of the Katy Trail that connects with Creve Coeur Park. We drove to Creve Coeur Park (having already ridden that portion previously) from home and then cut through the park and got on the Katy.

It was a beautiful ride to the bridge...the weather was warm and humid but there was a strong breeze that brought some refreshment to our brows :)

The main point of interest, at least from the children's point of view - were the numerous fuzzy caterpillar sightings along the trail. A sighting that was significant enough to one member of our group, that she stopped suddenly on the trail, threw down her bike and picked up the fuzzy friend.

Thankfully no one smashed into her carelessly thrown bike...

We went 1/2 way across the bridge (we did the other 1/2 on a previous jaunt), turned around went back to the park and then around the lake a bit.

The trail along the lake is full of pedestrians and bicyclers so from that respect it wasn't very enjoyable...always a bit concerned that one of the children is going to crash into someone else. No bike spill, resulting in a bloody knee for the boy, but no one else was involved in the accident.


CanadianGrandma said...

How long was your bike ride this time? Are those caterpillars poisonous? I'm amazed that your daughter is not afraid of them. There is no way that I would touch them !

Edi said...

Well they are probably not poisonous - if anything they may cause some stinging or rash...she didn't handle them very much - but not b/c she is afraid. The other day she had a cicada on her hand and another time she caught a praying mantis - a very cool insect!

The ride today was maybe a total of 7 miles...maybe more. It was a pretty easy ride - but the boy got worn out (he had a bike ride last night) early on - but he revived after a snack :)