Thursday, July 17, 2008


Here is another food item I brought back from Canada. I love the name of it and I love how it looks like miniature hay bales. Muffets are a shredded wheat cereal.

Unless you "doctor" it up a bit, it also tastes like hay bales. Or at least what I imagine hay bales would taste like if I in fact actually ever tried one.

Growing up when we'd have cereal like this - we'd first run hot water over the "hay bale" and let it soften up a bit, then drain it and pour on some milk and a generous helping of sugar. Using this method it actually was palatable...especially with an extra large helping of brown sugar.

The kids were not interested in trying the Muffets, despite the cute name and look.

I'm reminded of the lyrics to an old children's song..."Grandma has a habit of chewing in her sleep...she chews on grandpa's whiskers and thinks it's shredded wheat!"


CanadianGrandma said...

Shredded wheat is an excellent source of fibre! Add fruit to it and the kids might give it a try. You need to introduce this cereal at a very young age and, in time, they will like it. That's what happened to me and now I love it!