Thursday, June 19, 2008

Worm Bread?

I don't mind warm bread - but I'd prefer not to have WORM bread.

The other day I was getting ready to make some yummy pita bread. Had added some of the ingredients when I happened to notice a little, white, wiggly, wormy critter crawling on my counter. I wasn't sure which bag of flour the critter had come from. But taking a chance - I decided to use the flour that I needed.

I didn't tell the kids.

The pita bread turned out as wonderful as usual, and only I knew of the possible secret ingredient.

So today I've been cleaning out the cupboard. Throwing away some items that are already opened and possibly hosting some company. I have seen 2 or 3 little worms. I've placed numerous packages of rice/beans/flour/pasta in the freezer - and hoping any extra "ingredients" get taken care of that way.

I thought I had been careful. Many years ago during the first yr or so of marriage I had the same problem - so that has made me more diligent in avoiding such things. When I buy bulk baking products they usually head to the freezer for a few days to ensure any critters or eggs or whatever - are killed. But I guess I've gotten a bit sloppy in my old age...


Anonymous said...

I would have chucked everything out ! The same thing happened to me years ago when I used whole wheat flour and unbleached flour. It automatically goes into the freezer until needed. No more uninvited "guests" !

Edi said...

Well I wasn't going to throw EVERYTHING out. Some things that were in boxes that had not been opened - I opened the box and looked inside and if they were safe looking - I kept them. It seemed like they were mainly around rice and I think I did OK with the stuff I kept...hopefully.

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