Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Picking Blueberries and Faux Blueberry Crisp

Faux Blueberry Crisp

Everyone seems to be talking about picking blueberries these days, so last night I decided to go out and pick some.

So I got in the car, drove to Aldi and "picked" 4 pints at $1.50 per pint. Sure I wish they were freshly picked by me (or freshly picked for me I should say)...but I'll take my blueberry fix however I can.

In our family, it's just my daughter and I that like blueberries. Very strange. I mean how could you NOT like blueberries. They are powder blue, sweet and plump.

When I got home I put away the groceries - and then took a few items back out of the fridge. I could not wait another minute to sample the blueberries.

In the fridge was about 1/2 a cup of milk soaked oatmeal (that I usually have with raspberries in the morning). To that I added some vanilla ice-cream and a healthy sprinkling of blueberries.

I called this little concoction "Faux Blueberry Crisp". It wasn't crisp, and it wasn't super sweet like a real blueberry dessert - but it was DELICIOUS! Much more healthy than the typical blueberry crisp and it only took a few minutes to combine.

But I must admit - if I had right now, a dish of real blueberry crisp and a dish of my faux blueberry crisp, I'd be grabbing for the real stuff.

Below is a picture of my girl and the cup of blueberries she picked last summer, out at the lake where I spent my summers as a child. She was so excited to be picking blueberries that she could eat!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Yum! I agree, how could you not love blueberries?

Anonymous said...

Those blueberries look so tempting ! My brother says that the blueberries will be good this year...better than last year !

Jennifer said...

In FL we picked our blueberries back in April. I made jam, a buckle, and muffins. Then, I froze what was left of the 2-gallon bucket that I picked. It turns out that frozen blueberries are one of Charlotte' favorite foods.