Wednesday, June 18, 2008

LunchMakers Pizza Fun Kit

Being that we homeschool, my daughter obviously does not need to take a lunch to school. But for quite some time she has been asking me if she could pleeease buy one of these cute little lunch kits.

I figured they were unhealthy and too expensive for the wee amount of food in the kit, but I finally gave in when we found them on sale for about $1 a kit.

I wish I had taken a picture of the microscopic amount of food included, but to have this little lunch kit make more sense, we took it to the park and had it for a picnic lunch...and I was too lazy to run back into the house for my camera once I realized I didn't have it.

I have no idea how this small amount of food could possibly work up to the 360 calories listed on the nutrition facts. 120 of those calories were from the Hawaiian Punch.

Inside were two small pizza crusts - about the size of a silver dollar. OK - they were a bit bigger - approx. 3 1/4 inches in diameter at the largest (as well as I can remember).

Also included were: some pizza sauce (way too much for the small crusts), shredded cheese (maybe a tablespoon full), a mini candy bar (about the length of a thumb) and some Hawaiian Punch. The biggest serving was the Hawaiian Punch.

Both kids loved their little lunches. I'd say they loved the novelty of their lunches. Surely they could not have felt full after consuming their "lunch". I'd say it would be enough food to nourish a toddler, perhaps.


Anonymous said...

It's fun for kids to try a different "form" of food ! A treat is always appreciated !

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