Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Doesn't Work for Me Edition

What doesn't work for me? Too bad I haven't kept an ongoing list so I'd have some things at the ready for Rocks In My Dryer's theme this week.

I guess one thing that just doesn't work for me is to have a strict schedule for our homeschooling. One of the benefits of not being in a public or private school is that you don't have to follow the typical Aug-May school year, the Mon-Fri school week, the 9 AM to 3 PM school day, etc. So why would I want to tie myself down to a strict schedule of my own making.

Sure there is a benefit in having a routine and being disciplined, but not to the point of "strangling" creativity and spur-of-the-moment-ness.

When we began homeschooling about 4 or 5 years ago we started without much of a routine b/c my dd was so young. Then as she entered her "formal" school years I tried having a schedule. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.

We normally begin school in the morning around 8 AM. But if the morning is beautiful and "calling" to us - we're going to go out.

If it's not a holiday, but we need a holiday - we can make it a holiday.

If we begin reading a book that is fascinating to us all - we can read it for as long as we want.

If we want to take a family vacation and it's the middle of September - we just do it!

So what doesn't work for me? Being tied to a school schedule. Flexibility is the key.

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Heather said...

O wow--I didn't realize this was a "doesn't work" week. I have TONS of them!

I am the same--I HATE schedules and HATE being told how to go about something when I know my kids better than a lesson plan. I LOVE being flexible and going with my gut. :) IT is definitely one of the best sides of home schooling.

Anonymous said...

I agree with long as the school work is done , families should take advantage of what the day may bring...good for you and good for the kids !

Bahama Shores Mama said...

I am always so inpressed with anyone who succesfully homeschools as I was a teacher before I had children and there is NO way I could. I'm just too regimented and combine that with my procastination tendisies.....and we'd have a BIG mess on our hands. I love taking advantage of our surroundings on non school days and have been known to "make our own holidays" on occasion, though!

Thanks for stopping by my new blog and I'll definately be coming back here to check on your culinary adventures!