Friday, May 16, 2008

Hernia Update

Well yesterday morning I saw the surgeon my doctor recommended, after she detected I had a hernia.

I got in to see Mr. Surgeon on time. He came to talk to me for a few minutes and then had me put on a "gown" in preparing for the exam. He stepped out for "a minute" while I put on the gown. And then I waited and waited and waited. I began to think he had forgotten about me. And there were NO magazines in the room to read. All I had was a brochure on hernias and hernia surgery that I was supposed to read while waiting. It wasn't pleasant reading. I wondered if I was going to have to get dressed and go see what was happening. But before I could do that - he came back in. "A little emergency" detained him, he said.

Mr. Surgeon proceeds with the exam and then breaks the news. "I can't feel a hernia." "Possibly there is the start of a very small hernia and the only way we could see that is if we opened you up - and we are not going to open you up to go looking for a hernia." Great news!

He figured that possibly I have a "sports hernia" which some surgeons question as to whether or not that is a real hernia. His theory is that I have some sort of muscle inflammation and so he's put me on a high dose of an anti-inflammatory for one month, and then a follow up appointment in a month.

So the question of the day is why did my doctor say that she felt a hernia and yet the surgeon couldn't?? I'm willing to trust the surgeon's opinion more. When my doctor originally gave me a referral to the surgeon she said to keep in mind that generally a surgeon is going to lean towards surgery.

I have no restrictions on exercise other than no crunches and at first he said no squats w/weight but then when I said I had no pain during exercise - he said go ahead and do it. I probably won't though now that I've been thinking about it - because I'm scared. Even if I don't have a hernia now - if the squat w/weights is one of the exercises most likely to cause a hernia - why on earth am I doing it?!


Heather said...

Praying things continue to go well. Yeah, I would avoid anything that muight make things worse. :) That is what I do with my knee--knowing that messing it up WILL mean surgery.