Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Good Question

As we were having some tea with our waffles this morning, ds asked how tea was made. I told him it came from leaves that were dried.

He then wanted to know how they knew it was OK to use the leaves b/c of course if they were not OK, they would die.

My answer was that they just saw animals eating it and they didn't die, so they tried it. My explanations are not always the best.

Here is a Wikipedia description on how tea is made/where it comes from. I'm going to print it out and read it to the little fella. Well I guess the kids will have a little lesson on tea today.

It reminded me of one of my old favorite Calvin n' Hobbes comic strips. Calvin is asking his dad how they know the weight load limits on bridges so they can post the signs. His dad replies that they just keep on running heavier and heavier loads over the bridge and when the bridge breaks, they weigh the last truck and re-build the bridge.

I am not big on reading "The Funnies". Sure they were entertaining when I was younger - but now it seems like there are few that really are humorous. At one time I cut out and collected some of my very favorite ones and put them in an album. Over the years I've included some of my favorites in letters I was writing to friends and family - so I don't have many left. And the ones that are left - I'm not sure where they are.

A few I remember:

A man with a large smile, trying on big bunny slippers in a shoe store. Young boy is in his mother's arms crying while mother tries comforting him with, "Now, now son - daddy saw them first."


A boy is pushing on the door and pushing on the door of a school, trying to get the door to open. You see the sign on the door that says "PULL". Then you see the name on the building "Midvale School for the Gifted".


A man is inquiring about something at a desk. The man behind the desk replies "You say you'd like to take a Q.I. test? I think you just did."


There is an uneven "panel" in the sidewalk and you see a lady tripping. Behind the building is someone recording how many people have tripped.


Anonymous said...

Good old Calvin n' Hobbes ! Love that comic strip !