Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Speaking of Finding Body Parts in Chili

There is something else that if I find it in my chili or salad or pretty much anything I'm eating...it will kill my appetite for that food pretty quickly. Hair.

Doesn't matter if it's food I've prepared myself and most likely my own hair - it just grosses me out severely.

I must attribute this hair in food aversion to my mother :) I recollect her telling stories of hair in food when I was growing up.

One time in high school I was eating in the school cafeteria. No need really b/c I lived about a block away from the high school. But I had friends that ate in the cafeteria so sometimes I liked to eat there too.

I distinctly remember ordering some spaghetti and sitting down to eat it. At some point I found "the hair". For some reason I figured it wasn't mine and thought it probably belonged to a certain greasy haired boy I noticed working in the cafeteria. But this is the strange part. I still finished the spaghetti. All I can say is I must have been STARVING. But seems like AFTERWARDS I was more grossed out thinking that I had finished the hair tainted spaghetti.

Now that I've grown up and become more mature (to some degree) - if I am say eating at someone's house and I would find a hair in my food - I'd probably discreetly remove the hair and continue eating. Or at least eating the other food on my plate. If I could get by with no one noticing - I'd throw the food away and not finish eating any of it.

All of this hair in food is made worse by the fact that I am continually shedding. My hair is thin and obviously becoming more so. I barely have to move my head and my hair falls out.


We are THAT Family said...

Oh, I'm so WITH you there. Actually, if I just see hair 'around' I could gag. I don't know where my hair phobia comes from, since I lose mine at a rapid rate!

Anonymous said...

At my age (almost a senior) I cannot finish my food if I find a hair in it ! It does make me "Gag" !