Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Salt & Vinegar Hula Hoops

Yeah I thought Hula Hoops were an old childhood form of entertainment - I didn't expect that someday I would be eating them.

Hula Hoops are flavored "potato rings" from the UK. There were a couple of different flavors - but of course with my love for anything salty and vinegary - I chose that flavor.

The rings are crunchy and a bit hard - but that might have been due to the fact that the "best before" date was over by a month. Speaking of expiration dates - pretty consistently when I am looking for food at the world food store - items are past their "best by" date...sometimes by a month sometimes by MANY months. I have to be real careful when I put something in my cart. I figured the hula hoops were safe - but I wouldn't want to buy some frozen meat or cheese product that was long past the "best by" date.

As you might guess - they taste very similar to potato chips. This tiny little bag cost $1.00. We all enjoyed them. Nice thing about the small package is that if you are one that has little self control when it comes to resisting things like potato chips - there isn't much to over-indulge in.


Jennifer said...

I am not a fan of salt and vinegar... I never got the appeal. I have learned lately that expiration dates don't matter on evrything.

One thing they do matter on though is beverages. I bought some flavored water at Big Lots super cheap and it expired before I could drink it all. When I opened the non-carbonated beverage it fizzed on me. Not a good sign! :)

Heather said...

Not a fan of chips though salt and vinegar is good. Our Big Lots carries lots of world foods though I have found that many are near expiration. I have also found that grocery stores are clueless about the more exotic fruits and leave them out well beyond edible stage. In fact Monday I talked to the stock girl at Sam's Clubs about the very wrinkled mangoes they had. She didn't know those were not really edible so I showed her what they SHOULD Look like.:) And often checkout people are clueless about what veggies and fruits we buy--yuo mean THIS is bok choy???

Edi said...

I too like Big Lots and have found some exotic eating there as well. I am very careful about stuff I buy at BL b/c I once had some bugs in my caramel corn (and as far as I know it was not past the expiration date).