Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've Always Loved Fire! - Kitchen Tip Tuesday

I've always loved fire! The smell of fire, the brightness and warmth of fire, lighting matches, lighting candles. The smell of wood stoves, fireplaces, bonfires, campfires...even the smell of a match after you blow it out. Perhaps I've a bit of pyromania coursing through my blood...

I got to play with matches today because I broke out the old BBQ for the first grill of the season. Yesterday I made all the preparations for grilling tonight...took the meat out of the freezer...bought some hamburger buns...made sure there was some charcoal and newspaper (for starting the charcoal in the chimney) - then I found out my dh wouldn't be home for dinner tonight.

Since he wouldn't be here for supper - I decided why wait...and started up the grill in the morning so the kids and I could feast at lunch time.

I have this thing about meat being well-cooked, so I'm always a bit apprehensive about grilling...worried that the meat won't be cooked enough and then end up eating meat that is over-cooked. Oh well...

My grilling is pretty simple...usually hamburgers or boneless/skinless chicken breasts...sometimes salmon and sometimes kabobs. I read once that you can make pita bread on the grill and I tried that.

Today it was hamburgers and chicken breasts. Surprisingly dd remarked that the hamburgers were delicious...she's never been fond of hamburgers so I asked her about it "It's just cheeseburgers that I don't like." Strange b/c she does love cheese. The boy wanted some onions "diced" (like McDonalds) and he proceeded to add them to the outside of the hamburger bun! I think he's rec'd McD burgers with a bit of onion accidentally on the outside of the bun - so that's the way he likes.

So if you've read this far - here is my Kitchen Tip Tuesday. Many moons ago I read that to ensure the middle of your burger cooks all the way through - after you have formed the patty, stick your finger through the center of the patty, making a small hole (so it looks like a donut). Now there is no dense middle portion that might still be a bit "red" after grilling.


Laura said...

Mmm...I'm so glad it's finally warm enough to grill! I'm VERY hungry for a grilled burger!

Anonymous said...

Good tip on how to check to see whether the hamburger is cooked all the way through ! I could go for a hamburger right now !