Monday, April 21, 2008

In Which I Am Served More Food Than I've Ever Seen Before

On our return to civilization yesterday, we stopped at a restaurant I have never been to before.

I don't usually recommend restaurants b/c the type of restaurants I usually visit are not recommend worthy..."Wow I went to this cool restaurant the other day and it was orange and yellow and they have these cute little boxed lunches called "Happy Meals". As I said, not recommend worthy.

But the new restaurant I was at - is recommend worthy...Lotawata Creek Southern Grill. I have never seen such huge food portions in my life. You pretty much have to decide ahead of time that you are going to go with someone else (so you can split a meal), or you'll be bringing home a take-out container filled to overflowing.

The picture above was my meal. You can't really tell from the photo how big it was. I ordered the South Caribbean Jerk Chicken Sandwich..."A large boneless grilled chicken breast, seasoned and marinated in Jamaican Jerk spices. We then top it with leaf lettuce, tomato, sliced red onion and our homemade Chipotle mayonnaise and serve it on our fresh baked bun. Warning: This is a very spicy sandwich."

OK - the warning on the menu (the only one that had a warning) did scare me a bit. I love spicy food and thought perhaps the warning was just a marketing ploy - so I asked our server. She said one man had it the other day and said it wasn't very hot, but most people end up clawing their tongue. I live dangerously - so I went ahead and ordered it. Delicious but not even close to needing the warning.

They start out by bringing you "rolls". I put it in quotations - b/c they are so large it's more like a small loaf of bread. Sweet and light and served with cinnamon butter (I chose regular butter).

Before I even began eating my meal I asked for a take out container and totally filled it with fries and my spicy sandwich. I brought the leftovers home and there was enough for both my dh and I to have for supper...and there were still some fries left over!


Anonymous said...

A big portion indeed ! Were those homemade fries ? The meal looked delicious !