Friday, April 25, 2008

"Fine Country Living"

Well we are having an enjoyable time at the farm.
The kids are dirty, scratched, bruised and having a good time! There has been rain. Farm + Rain + Lots of Dirt = lots of laundry + repeated foot and hand washing.
It's best for me not to keep too close a watch on the kids or I'll be spoiling their fun with constant remarks like "No you can't climb onto the haybales and jump off or you'll break your neck" or "No you can't climb onto the top of the woodpile or you'll fall and break your neck" or "No you can't climb the fence and get in with the cows or you'll get trampled and break your neck". A lot of neck breaking warnings equals no fun.
I did take the kids down to the creek to play yesterday - but heavy rains means swollen creek and covered bridge and no shore to play on. There was rock throwing and wading and very muddy feet.
Ds found a puffball dandelion and I heard him say "If you blow on this you will get a wish." and then he continued with his wish..."I wish grandma would have lasagna". Now I'd say that if I only had one wish it wouldn't be for lasagna. As a child I thought if I could have only one wish granted my one wish would be this "I wish I could have 10 more wishes". And then once I'd get to wish number 9 I'd wish for 10 more wishes and so on and so on.
But this little fella used his one wish for lasagna. And it worked! I told grandma about his wish and she said she already planned that for supper tonight :) Good thing he didn't wish that he'd turn into Darth Vader or we'd have had a pretty big problem.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

I remember running around a relative's farm growing up, chasing around cats in the barn. Good memories! Good for you letting your kids have fun. I'll keep my fingers crossed for their necks.