Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Everything You Wanted to Know About My Exercise Routine But Were Afraid to Ask...

Since so many have inquired into my exercise routine – I thought I’d go ahead and write about it. Well actually no one has inquired about it – but maybe my mom or one of my sisters would be curious…

Approximately 5 years ago I began exercising on the NordicTrack (NT). I chose this method b/c a) I could do it in the privacy of my own house b) I could read while I exercised. I used the NT every day for approx. 25 minutes. I tried to avoid skipping any days unless absolutely necessary, b/c I knew that once I started finding excuses to not exercise, eventually I would give up. Especially during the early months of NT I don't think I could have done it without being able to read at the same time...the reading was kind of an "incentive" to exercise. I have sometimes listened to music while on the NT and that helped with the monotony - but the music had to be "just right" or it wouldn't work for me. I tried doing the NT while watching t.v. but that didn't work b/c the t.v. would have to be super loud in order to hear it over the sound of the fan blasting and the sound of the skiing and the sound of my bones groaning.

A couple of months ago I began expanding my exercise routine to include some weight training and jogging.

At first I would alternate between jogging, NT with intervals, and weight training. Currently I am alternating just between jogging and weight training. I don’t think the jogging will continue during the hot summer days b/c I fear I’d die of heat stroke within about 2 minutes – but it’s working for now. A change of scenery, a change of pace and some cool fresh morning air, listening to the birds chirp – it’s enjoyable.

I jog for approx. 25 without stopping. There is a park with a walking trail that I can jog to in about 7 minutes so that is usually the route I take. The first couple of times I had to stop and walk some, but I think I’ve learned to pace myself better. I like jogging b/c no equipment is needed and so I can do it when I’m away from home.

A couple of reasons to add weight training to your exercise routine: the more muscle you have - the more calories you burn. Also, once adults reach 40, they begin to lose .5 to 2% of their muscle each year. This can result in becoming less mobile, more bone breaks and more falls that can become life threatening.

For weight training I began with pushups, one arm dumbbell row, dumbbell shoulder press, dumbbell curl, triceps kickback, wrist curls, basic crunch. Throughout the 2 months some things were added or dropped – the current weight routine is:

Squat w/60 lb
Bench press w/65 lb
One arm dumbbell row w/45 lb
Dumbbell shoulder press w/26 lb
Barbell curl w/40 lb
Basic crunch – currently on hold b/c I’ve a weird pain in my side that I’m worried might be a hernia or something else caused by the crunches

I'm sure my routine will continue to change - but this is what works best for me at this time in my life. And what works best for me - won't be good for someone else. If one routine doesn't work for you - don't give up, try something else.


Anonymous said...

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