Sunday, March 2, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Stroll

This picture reminds me of the photos I would see in the old metal detecting magazines I would read - where some old codger was showing off his latest find...though his finds would probably include something more antiquated...but to two little kids this was an exciting find.

On Saturdays we sometimes like to go on a hike or an adventure. This afternoon the adventure was just a circuitous route to the library and then to a park we've never walked to before, and then to McDonalds and then "home again, home again, jiggety-jig." You know there's nothing like taking a big walk to make you feel better about eating at McDonalds. And nothing like a round of "Happy Meals" (610 calories) to cheer up four weary pedestrians.

It was too beautiful of a day to stay indoors - we left around 3:00 PM and got home around 5:30 PM (stop at library 10 min - stop at McD 1/2 hr) - the rest of the time was walking and exploring.

Here are the "treasures" the kids found. Amazingly Julia found 18 cents (at different places) and some glass "rocks" that she is happy with. Dh and I also found a penny each and I pointed out the Nerf gun bullet to the boy who happily nabbed it.

On the way home we saw a yard filled with Easter "decorations" - it looked very tacky. When dd noticed it, she quipped "Are those Easter decorations or was an act of vandalism committed in this area of the city?" She sometimes fancies herself a comedienne ...