Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nestle Passa Tempo Cookies - South America

Hmmmm - it seems like a lot of the foods we are tasting these days are in the category of "junk food" doesn't it. Usually when we go to the world food store we just wander up and down the aisles and choose whatever looks interesting.

These cookies looked interesting. I figured since the word "Nestle" was on it - they were "safe".

They are little rectangular thin cookies with a brown (chocolate?) trim along the edges. There are various raised number face designs on each cookie. Definitely geared to the toddler crowd I'd say.

Dd - "Delicious...a hint of lemon, vanilla and chocolate". Don't know where she got the lemon from...

Ds - "A little hint of white chocolate."

Moi - buttery coconut flavor - all mild...couldn't taste any chocolate at all. They are a nice little size for those watching their calories...that is if you can limit yourself to only one.

Teach your toddler their numbers while they snack :)

This is kind of weird - Passatempo is the name of a virus! Hmmmm doesn't make the cookies sound too enticing..."Passatempo virus was isolated during a zoonotic outbreak. Biologic features and molecular characterization of hemagglutinin, thymidine kinase, and vaccinia growth factor genes suggested a vaccinia virus infection, which strengthens the idea of the reemergence and circulation of vaccinia virus in Brazil. Molecular polymorphisms indicated that Passatempo virus is a different isolate."


Anonymous said...

Those cookies look delicious ! If you have a cup of tea along with it , you MIGHT be able to stick with one cookie !

Anonymous said...

I'm from Brazil and I kinda grew up eating these cookies. They're delicious: the milk ones are perfect and so are the ones with chocolate in the middle. I now live in the US and it sucks that Nestle does not sell them here...