Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Side of the Mountain

While wandering around the library last week I came across a book, actually 3 books in 1, that sounded interesting. The trilogy was "My Side of the Mountain", "On the Far Side of the Mountain," and "Frightful's Mountain", by Jean Craighead George.

I've been reading the first story, "My Side of the Mountain" in 1-hour or so increments to the kids and they have LOVED it. An added bonus for me, the reader of this lengthy book is that I also found it interesting.

Dd at least one time went off with the book to read some on her own, and I sometimes felt like doing that too. But I knew it would be unpleasant to have to re-read those portions that I had already read - so I controlled myself.

I should have known we would like the book b/c we found out the author also wrote "Tarantula in My Purse" - a book we read aloud about a year or two ago...also enjoyed by my dd.

I was (and still am) an avid reader - but somehow I missed reading this book in my youth.

It is the story of a young teenage boy, Sam, who runs away from home in New York to live on some land owned by his great-great grandfather in the Catskills Mountains. Sam lives off the land - all he brought with him was a penknife, $40, some string, an ax and flint and steel.

He finds and trains a baby falcon to hunt for food. He gathers wild plants/nuts...eats turtles, fish and wild game.

The book describes in detail his life during that period...the way he makes his shelter and survives for over a year.

This book seems like a winner for kids of all ages...both of my children - girl almost 9 and boy almost 6 enjoyed this book.

We found out that our library has "My Side of the Mountain" on video, so now that we are finished the first book, we've reserved the video. We can't wait to see the video!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Oh, I LOVE those books! I'm so excited that you get to read them.

In my humble opinion, the first book is the best, although the others are good too, and the movie was kinda lame. It's always worth watching for comparison, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to check at Chapters for these books. Excellent idea for gifts !

Meredith said...

My Side Of The Mountain is one of my top 5 favorite children's books of all times.

There's just something about the resourcefulness and independence I loved as a child.

Although, as a parent, I have to think twice about encouraging my kids to run off to the mountains!

Edi said...

All Sam's resourcefulness reminds me of books like the Boxcar Children (first one)...seems like kids really enjoy books that have children being more independent.

Yeah I did point out to the kids that it would NOT be safe for them to run away...I said Sam lived during a different time when teenage boys were doing men's work already.

Eventually mom does move out there w/Sam and the rest of the family b/c she wants to continue to take care of him til he is 18.

I figure the movie won't be as good as the book (usually movies are not and that's why I read the book before watching the movie...I want the kids to think/imagine how things are before actually seeing them).