Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kids and Cooking Shows

My kids enjoy watching cooking shows - particularly "America's Test Kitchen".

Yesterday dd commented about how great the cooking show was in "hi def". Today she was talking about how good something looked - they were cutting up beef. "Why?" I asked - "you don't even like meat (very much)." "Well it looks great RAW!" she replied. She continued, "I like pepperoni, hot dogs and ham". None of those things are regulars in our house - well pepperoni is for kids' pizza about 1x a dogs maybe 1 or 2x a yr when grilling - and ham maybe 1 or 2x a yr.

"Mmmm yummy" said the boy when they saw the beef/beer/onion stew completed on ATK..."Well at least the meat" said the girl.

Maybe my dd should move to Belgium - I hear raw meat is a delicacy there.


We are THAT family said...

That is so cute. I try to keep my kids away from those shows because it clues them in on how other people cook in the world!