Thursday, April 3, 2008

Golden Temple - Naan Bread Mix and Homemade Butter

Naan is a traditional Indian bread. I've tried making it before and found it to be similar to pita bread - without the pocket...

I found a NAAN bread mix at Big Lots for only 70 cents so I thought I'd give it a try.

One problem - I should have rolled these out and flattened them more b/c they ended up being very dense - almost like a biscuit.

They tasted wonderful - but just one had 180 calories - which seemed like a lot to me. The box made 8.

Here is a YouTube clip on how to make your own Naan. You will see that my round Naan above doesn't quite look as it ought.

To go with it, we made some homemade butter. Dd had been asking me about it for some time so I went out and bought some whipping cream (just a very small carton). We dumped the cream into an empty, but clean, de-caf instant coffee container, and shook with all our might. It helped that there were 3 of us to take turns with the shaking.

It is a very cool process to watch/experience...every child should do it at least once.

It probably took about 15 of 20 minutes of shaking - it's fun once you can hear the change of consistency - a clumping around and water swishing (the buttermilk coming out).

After it's solid - you rinse the butter in cold water, until the water runs clear. You can add salt if you want. We didn't add salt - to the butter was quite bland - but still a fun project.


Anonymous said...

Adding salt to the butter will not hurt you - everything in moderation I always say.Once again it is good to see children interested in learning and doing some new thing !

Edi said...

Oh I'm not worried about a little salt - just wasn't sure how to add it and how much so easier to leave it out.