Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Global Foods Market

Thought I'd post a photo of the store where most of our exotic eating foods are found.

I don't know how long the store has been around, but we drove past it many times I'm sure, before we decided to go in. It has the honor of being the largest international food store in Missouri and supposedly bus loads of tourists are deposited there.

It's never been busy when we go in the morning. The store is usually very neat and tidy and the food is divided by country/regions. The first aisle might be foods from Pakistan and India, the next Sweden, England and Scotland. Over each aisle there are flags depicting the countries.

It's the kind of store you need plenty of time to roam around in.

Hmmm I guess the outside of the store isn't too interesting...I'll need to take some indoor photos the next time we are there.


We are THAT family said...

I love Missouri. It's one of our "if we could move anywhere places." We have good friends near Springfield.

Anonymous said...

Lo and behold I found a Global Foods Store in Winnipeg, MB ! Now I can try out some of the foods you have written about !