Friday, March 21, 2008

Frugal Friday - Cutting Out Toys

We had just finished shopping at Wal-Mart. The kids had looked around through the toy department, thinking of the different things they might like to own someday.

Dd's favorite toys of the moment are "Littlest Petshop" and ds's favorites are Playmobil. They are allowed to use their own money to buy more if they want - but we've limited it to 1 addition to their collection per month. Partly to control the toys and partly b/c we don't want all their money disappearing.

Dd is good at saving her money. She does inquire sometimes whether something is "wise" or if we think something is a "good deal" before she buys it. Her brother on the other hand would like to buy everything in sight, today.

As we were on our way home dd said something like, "if there is a toy that you like but don't have or don't want to buy b/c it's too expensive - then you can just cut it out of a magazine and play with it like paper dolls." She speaks from experience b/c I've actually seen her do this before. She has cut things out of paper from either catalogues or things she has drawn and attaches magnets to them and puts them on the fridge.

She has a real doll house (dad made it) with people and furniture (Playmobil) and the enjoys playing with it. But she also is currently building a house out of a cardboard box and adding furniture etc. from things she makes or finds. She cuts pictures out of magazines and adds them to her house.

When I was a young girl and visiting our grandparents I remember my grandma teaching us to do the same thing. We got a box, some old Sears' catalogues and began filling up our house. It was great fun.

My Frugal Friday tip is, if there is something you would love to have but can't afford it, or can't justify spending the money on - just cut it out of a magazine and play with it :) (courtesy of dd) I wonder if it works the same with new cars and new houses?

So the next time your child is bored, hand them a catalogue, some scissors, glue and have them design a home with a family. It's basically free if you already have those things on hand.

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Dana said...

We used to do the same thing at my grandma's house! In fact, we'd want to start cutting up the catalogues the day they came in the mail. Waiting until the next catalogue came for the next season was the hardest part.


Lady Why said...

What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing it!!

We are THAT family said...

My kids love cutting and it IS spring break-so we may try it. Thanks!

Good & Crazy said...

I'll try cutting out the new DSLR camera I want. Then I'll eat some chocolate!

Anonymous said...

As a child I,too, loved my paper doll collection ! Cutting pics from catalogues and magazines brought me great joy !