Saturday, March 8, 2008


I've been having fits lately - of the coughing variety that is. And to my family, no it's not the habitual familial cough that I tend to have - this is from the tail end of a head cold.

And for some reason they conveniently begin to affect me about 5 min after I lie down in bed. Five minutes after I've laid down in bed, gotten warmed, and am waiting for that happy, fuzzy almost asleep feeling to set in - and then it begins. It's the involuntary kind of coughing fit - where you can try to repress it, but then it just pushes it's way furiously up your lungs and bursts out. I lay in bed as long as I can stand it (or as long as my dh can stand it) and then get up to get a drink of water or a cough drop.

I got smart the second night and left some water and a cough drop by the bed. Well, last night I thought I won't need it - so I only had some "old" water next to the bed and a tiny, mostly eating cough drop. I usually cannot finish an entire cough drop due to the nasty flavor - so kind of like a kid putting their chewing gum on the bed post for the next day, I wrap up the cough drop in it's little paper and leave it for the next time.

I shuddered when I realized I was gonna have to take a sip of water that had been sitting out for about 24 hours. I even hate the look of it - with all those little bubbles in it. Sure I could get a refill but that would require getting out of bed and climbing a flight of stairs to the kitchen. I took a sip of that tepid, sweetish water and popped in the mostly eaten cough drop. Then I fell asleep.

Woke up an hour or so later with another coughing fit - again I tried laying there hoping it would all go away and that I would not need to get up and hunt for another cough drop. But alas, I got up and got another one. Then I had to worry that I'd fall asleep with the cough drop in my mouth.

Now I'm leading somewhere with all of this - to the question of whether or not you have a "thing" about getting water from a faucet in your home that is not the kitchen (ie. bathroom or laundry room) and whether or not you have a problem drinking water out of a mug.

See if I wanted to refresh my water last night I would have had to bypass the two closest water sources b/c ever since I was a child, I have not been able to drink water out of a bathroom or laundry room faucet. I really can tell that there is a taste difference and just the way the water comes out of the faucet looks different (to me). It has nothing to do with drinking filtered vs unfiltered water (b/c they are all unfiltered).

And the idea of drinking water out of a mug gives me the shivers. I can drink milk out of a glass or a mug. I can drink tea out of a mug or a tea cup. But water or juice or soda - must be in a glass!

Am I the only one who thinks this way??


Laura said...

I share a bit of your aversion to drinking out of the bathroom faucet, but got over that mostly when I was pregnant and I would wake up parched every night. One thing that has helped me is the purchase of some of those little dixie cups. Somehow, drinking bathroom water out of those little things isn't so bad. My biggest water fetish is that I simply must have ice in my water. Of course, that would be ridiculous in a dixie cup, but I make allowances at 2am. I'm praying that your cough will be better soon. Blessings!

Lynda said...

That is the worst kind of cough - so annoying. I am with you about the funky water... eewww - I even dislike it if I have had an open bottle of water beside the bed for a while. You could try keeping a thermos of ice water beside the bed - I did this last time I was ill and it saved me getting out of bed all the time and going to the kitchen. I just prepared it before I went to bed and it was still cold in the morning. Besides.. its not like mummy has time to be sick!! Get well soon.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I don't have those issues but I have others that make me think yours aren't bad. Did you know that the shape of your spoon and the handle of your fork can change the way food tastes? It does for me. I often have to get up from the table to change my utensils before eating.

Are you ok with bottled water? Maybe you could keep some emergency bottles in your night stand? I hope the coughing ends soon.

Edi said...

I like the thermos by the bed idea...and I can understand the shape/fork "disorder" in water, especially in the summer, I need lots of it. I wish I was one of those people who LOVE water...