Monday, March 17, 2008

Finnish Sweet Licorice Carpet- Finland

Now who wouldn't want to grab this cheerful face off the shelf. This licorice is from Finland and cost about 80 cents. The website referred to the licorice as "licorice carpet" with three layers. You can peel the layers apart - kind of hard, they do end up tearing.

The website is cute - just like their packaging.

The licorice was super soft, very sweet and delicious. Best black licorice I ever tasted. Kind of had a funny aftertaste though. If I had my druthers I would have eaten the whole package...but I did share some with my dh and son.

Dd hates black licorice so she didn't even try it - but ds loved it... "Mmmm yummy...this kind sticks to my teeth. It's good - great!"


Anonymous said...

I wonder whether one can find this licorice in Canada...I am a fan of all licorice and this one sounds delicious ! My search is on !

We are THAT family said...

My husband LOVES black licorice. I'm going to try to find this kind for him.