Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bulgur - Turkey

Bulgur has always made me a little uncomfortable. I remember reading about it yrs ago in an old pamphlet on grains and for some reason it just sounded like something I didn't want to eat. It must be the name - b/c why else should it be a problem. Bulgur sounds like vulgar - maybe it's just a negative word association??

Bulgur is a traditional Middle East form of whole wheat. It is pulverized from whole-wheat kernels that have been boiled, drained, dried, cracked, and sifted. It has more fiber and protein, but less calories, than barley or brown rice. One cup of bulgur has 151 calories but 8.2 g of fiber and 5.6 g of protein.

Bulgur can be served hot or cold.

Bulgur tastes and looks very much like couscous. It has a mild flavor, similar to rice. I cooked it in some chicken broth so that of course gave it some more flavor.

We all liked it and now that I know how nutritious it is - I will be using it more. I'd like to try making a dessert similar to rice pudding with it.

The only problem is it is messy. The little grains are a bit sticky and if you have children especially - the bulgur can get all over the place. You have to really wait until it dries before cleaning it up or sweeping.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Oh, I love bulgur. Have you made tabbouleh? It's one of our favorite warm-weather meals because you don't really have to cook anything.

I do agree with you on the mess, though.