Sunday, March 16, 2008

All Things Come to Him Who Waits

If you have a child like I do, once they get within about 363 days of their birthday - they begin asking "how many more days until my next birthday?" There is still left over cake from their recent party, their new toys are still new - but they are anticipating the next birthday. Whether it's greed (more presents!) or just excited about being bigger and older...they want to know how much longer.

Well I found a website where you can type in the present date and the date you (or more likely your child) are anticipating - and it will tell you how many days. You can even type in the current hour and minutes so you can figure it out even more exactly. - it also features a time zone converter, sunrise/sunset calculator, distance calculator (even between countries), and other fun calculations.

Here are some fun facts -

- To visit my sister in Papua New Guinea it's only a matter of 8379 miles or 7282 nautical miles.
- I have been married for 4578 days.
- 2206500 seconds until my son turns 6 (though this number of course is continually decreasing)

"They that make the best use of time have none to spare."
"Every day in they life is a leaf in thy history."
"It will be all the same a hunred years hence."
"The longest day must have an end."
"Never is a long day."
"He that has most time has none to lose."
"Now is the constant syllable ticking from the clock of time."
"What reason and endeavor cannont bring about, time often will."