Monday, February 11, 2008

Mangosteen Juice Drink

What is a mangosteen??? Why it's the "Queen of Fruit!" How could you not know of this wonderful tasting, wonderful smelling, royal fruit? How could I not know?

I am amazed at how many fruits and vegetables I have never heard of. I see how limited we are growing up in North America, shopping at the typical grocery stores.

I know I do not eat as many fruits/vegetables as I should, and it has helped me to find access and information to a wider variety of produce from around the world. If I don't want to each spinach I can now eat bok choy. Not only does it taste great - but it has a very cool sounding name.

The CDC has a website with some interesting features...recipe cards for children, recipe cards for adults and for each month of the year they feature a fruit and vegetable of the month. Go ahead and print out a recipe or two and try them this week with your children or just try them yourself.

Well now back to the old mangosteen....

In spite of it's name - it is not a type of mango. It is a tropical fruit from Asia, about the size of a small orange - with a thick rind. The inside is white and creamy.

Here is a great picture of a mangosteen. Additional information about mangosteens are found here.

I read an article about someone purchasing mangosteens in Brooklyn for $11 a piece! At a price like that I'll have to settle for the juice drink.

The Mangosteen Juice Drink - 11.8 fl oz for under $2.00, is a product of Thailand.

The smell and flavor reminds me of Passionfruit. It is a cloudy, whitish liquid and it is the consistency of nectar.

This juice drink lists the ingredients as follows: water, mangosteen juice (30% sugar, citric acid). Even though I typed it as written - I'm thinking they mean that it contains 30% juice - not 30% sugar.

I like the flavor - but I don't like the consistency.

The kids didn't like it. Dd dislikes all juice except apple juice (which is fine by me b/c she is a big fruit eater and I'd rather have her eat her fruit than drink it). Ds loves juice - but isn't crazy about fruit. My dd thought it tasted like a mango, but then added "well not exactly." Ds said "Kind of sweet...don't like it...kind of a vegetably strange flavor in it."

I think this beverage would be better mixed into some type of punch. As is, it is overly sweet.