Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just Wanted to Tell You...

The boy just came up to me to tell me something he figured I didn't already know.

"Just wanted to tell you that when someone says they are bored that does not mean they want to do laundry." Tell me about it!

Fifteen minutes ago he was telling me how bored he was b/c he had already played with his usual toys and was looking for a bit of excitement. Thankfully I had an answer to his boredom. A laundry room filled with baskets of clothes waiting to be folded, sorted and put away.

I brought out a basket of socks, underwear and cloths...perfect folding/put away stuff for an almost 6 yr old boy who is BORED.

You could've fooled me that he is isn't happy about it...he's doing the job while happily humming. So I guess the solution to boredom is a little bit of work.