Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tinned Octopus Slices

It is quite funny to see the kids in the aisle with the canned body parts of various sea monsters. They are excitedly talking about or grabbing things they'd like to try...Dd was hoping to buy a can that contains snails. Well actually we did buy one - but she was hoping to buy the can that held a snail so big there was only one inside the can. I'm not so sure I could handle that one. But being that the one giant slug would have cost $13 - not much chance I will have to deal with it.

We also bought some octopus. It cost $3.66 for a small tin.

"Octopus in Soybean oil, salt added - Product of Thailand – Wild Caught," the package states.

I know the kids would have loved to have opened the tin of octopus and have found recognizable pieces of the octopus –but it wasn’t so.

Dd – “Mmmmm smoky. Very chewy and smoky.”

Ds – “Hint of bacon…chewy…but I actually like it. I really like it but I don’t need more.” Hmmm exercising self-control – or does he really NOT like it.

I thought it was a sweet smoky flavor – overpowering fishy smell which I never like. But it did not taste fishy…actually not much taste but the smoky flavor.

I liked it and ate a few pieces – but later I felt kind of sick and when I would think about having eaten the octopus – it made me feel worse. I'm sure it was all just psychological...there were no lasting effects - psychological or otherwise!

This is a picture of the pieces rinsed off for a better look


My Ice Cream Diary said...

I have had such varied experiences with canned octopi that I'm not sure I can do it anymore.

Lynda said...

hmmm did you just eat it cold out of the can? I get such a laugh out of your eating adventures.

Edi said...

It was straight out of the can - actually I didn't even think of warming it up...maybe that would have improved it some.

Scribbit said...

Well now my curiosity about what smoked tinned octopus looks like is satisfied. I think I'll pass but thanks for the pictorial--worth a 1000 words :)

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I'm with Scribbit... if I hadn't seen the sans sauce picture I might have been more willing myself. But now, I too shall pass!

Andrew said...

Hi, I found your article via a google search. I've just finished eating a tin of octopus chunks and found them quite edible.

What encouraged me to buy them was the nutritional content - 4g of fat, 5g of carbohydrate and a whopping 24g of protein per 100g. This is for Spanish-produced octopus pieces in olive oil, at UK£1.74 per 111g tin. At 3 times the price of tinned sardines this is quite expensive but I do not regret it.

I am rather prone to 'snacking' which has left me needing to lose weight, and am constantly on the lookout for foods which are filling and are low in fat. These fit the bill quite well.

The same manufacturer, Palacio de Oriente, also offers octopus chunks in octopus ink. A tin of this was much cheaper, at £1.09, but the higher fat content (for reasons I do not completely understand) and the thought of the ink, put me right off that version.