Tuesday, January 8, 2008


"it's only just round the corner, " said the Faun, "and there'll be a roaring fire - and toast - and SARDINES - and cake." (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)

Today I had to make a trip to the grocery store for bread. Not just any bread - but 12 Grain Bread. As we were meandering to the check-out, we happened down an aisle that contained canned seafood. "Hey" I said to the kids "Would you like to try some sardines?" I think I added "they ate sardines in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" - to further garnish their approval.

The kids agreed.

We had planned to eat them "out-of-doors" since it was unseasonably warm. But by the time we got to the park it was overcast and very windy, so I decided it was better for the kids to just play around while the weather was still decent, and we'd eat our lunch at home.

I wasn't sure whether or not I had ever tasted sardines. If I had - it would have been when I was a child. I made sure I bought the tin that was packed in water - as I find things that are packed in oil, well, too oily - and you taste so much of the oil flavor.

I was surprised to find the plump, headless, little bodies of about 6 sardines packed in the tin. I guess I thought it might look more like canned tuna - where you don't really see the body of what you are eating. At least the heads were gone.

The boy said "I really like it...a lot better than tuna...tastes like a crab leg." The girl said "...needs some salt - scrumptilicious...delicious on crackers."

I liked the flavor a lot. I too, thought it was much better than canned tuna - I liked the mild flavor and the creamy texture. I did add a sprinkle of salt. The odor tended to linger in the house - and I'd catch a whiff of it each time I walked past the trash can.

I'd definitely buy it again!

After his wild exclamations at the delightful flavor - ds decided he DID NOT like the sardines. He could barely finish his piece. The girl did have a second helping.

While searching for info on sardines - I came across this interesting article about folks who like to eat "vintage" sardines.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Are they slimy? The sound yummy, but they look gross. After reading your post, I'm more likely to try them someday, if I can ever work up the courage. I think I'd like them.

By the way, I tagged you for a meme if you want to play.

Beck said...

I LOVE sardines. LOVE them. My dad and I used to eat them for lunch when I was home sick, with crackers and cheese. Mmm!

Edi said...

They are not slimy...and if you like other tinned fish like tuna or salmon - you should enjoy this. The ones I bought were less than a dollar, so even if you buy them and don't like them, you haven't lost much.
Beck you are making me wish I had some more right now. They sound wonderful with crackers AND cheese.

amysep said...

That's so cool - when I have kids me and my husband vow to make them try things like this! I fell in love with sardines only recently (but more the fresh, grilled or fried kind - heads and all - YUM) on our travels to Italy and Spain. It's the same with anchovies - just had this horrible idea in my head all my life. I think it's an American thing - if I remember correctly, many cartoon cats ate sardines from the tin. Maybe we grew to hate things from tin after the war? Either way, they're back in my life! Cute post... amy @ neverfull.wordpress.com