Sunday, January 20, 2008


The only thing I ever heard about gooseberries, was that they are very sour. Not the kind of berry you would sprinkle on a bowl of cereal in the morning.

Being that it is winter time, I wasn't about to come across any fresh gooseberries...and if I had, I imagine they would be about as expensive as any other fresh berry this time of the year. So luckily I came across some canned gooseberries (less than $2 I think) IN SYRUP.

On one hand - I don't like tasting something in syrup because I feel like it's kind of cheating and you're masking the real flavor. On the other hand, some things are just not meant to be eaten sans sugar - and if we all took a bite of one without any sweetener, and just spit it out and declared it "nasty" - that would hardly be giving it a fair chance.

The ingredients were simple...just gooseberries, water and sugar - and they came from Lincolnshire, UK.

I thought they looked and tasted similar to the little grapes in canned fruit salad. I liked them and would enjoy tasting them picked fresh and cooked up in a pie. My dd thought they were "sweet and sour but pretty good." The boy, as mentioned before, not a big fruit eater declared them "Horrible!"


BostonGirl said...

I just found fresh gooseberries (never had them before!) and I am now in love!