Monday, January 14, 2008

Everyone LOVES Pizza

Seems like almost every day the kids ask to have pizza for lunch. Probably once a week I agree.

Now what we call pizza in our home - might not even come close to resembling the pizza in your mind.

It's quick, easy, somewhat healthy, and my 8 yr old can make it herself.

Take one tortilla (whole wheat if we're feeling overly health conscious and have some on hand), add a small amount of shredded cheddar and a few pieces of pepperoni. Pop it into the toaster oven, turn to broil, and bake until the cheese melts.

Today we only had one tortilla in the whole house (and incidentally it was whole wheat) and there were two kids. We also had a large-ish awkward shaped piece of somewhat dried out "Afghan bread", so I decided to use that.

Out came the kitchen scissors. Voila! - Scherenschnitte! :)

"It's not Valentine's Day", said the girl when she saw my edible Scherenschnitte . They loved it!


Amy said...

These are my kids favorite. I use the boiler function on my toaster oven and it is always a hit with everyone.

Great ideas!

Martie said...

I finally finished my tag post from you. Thanks for picking me it was fun. I linked over to you too.

Hope you are having a good week.

By the way, the pizza looks great!!


Jennifer said...

I see you use Fiestaware for a lot of your photos. Is it your everyday ware? I use it too and don't have more than 1 place setting per color. you never know what color plate, bowl, or cup you'll get next!

Edi said...

I don't use my Fiestaware daily - even though I love it! The scarlet color is so bright and cheerful and fun to use.

But - the dishes are so big and my dishwasher so small - it makes them inconvenient to use daily. Which is ok too - b/c then when we use them it makes the meal more special.