Monday, December 31, 2007

Yorkshire Pudding

I needed some sort of bread for our supper of "left-offs" and so decided tonight was the night for my boxed mix for Yorkshire Puddings. The mix came from Goldenfry Foods in Wetherby, W. Yorkshire.

All I had to do was add one egg and some water...the mix is poured into a muffin tin that has had oil warmed up in it.

First of all I decided maybe I could just use cooking spray in place of the oil. Nope! When I took the tin out of the oven there was just some blackish liquid inside. I took out another muffin tin and this time put in a small amount of corn oil. Wanting to save the calories - I just put a dribble in each opening which I think was a mistake.

The puddings never did rise much about the edge of the tin, which I'm thinking was due to the lack of oil (??) - I may have also opened the oven before they were finished - which is a "no no".

When I tasted the yorkshire pudding it had a very familiar texture. Ds said "it tastes just like french toast without anything on it". And actually it did. Ok I just realized the texture - like biting into one of those twisty shaped donuts (cruellers?) that are super soft...kind of a moisty chewiness inside, but not sweet like the donut.

It didn't taste like a biscuit at all. The kids did not ask for seconds as they normally would with biscuits or homemade buns or rolls - and dd said "it has a strange taste".

Here is a recipe for making yorkshire pudding from scratch (most foods taste better from scratch - so I imagine the puddings would). Also, typically the puddings are served with gravy or baked in a pan with some beef drippings - that would definitely improve the flavor. Here is another version of the recipe - this one baked in a small square pan instead of muffin tins.

Here is an explanation of why it's called "pudding", and here is some additional information on yorkshire puddings.


Beth said...

I've never had Yorkshire pudding. Fun to read about your experiment with it.

The Correspondent said...

I've always wanted to try Yorkshire Pudding ever since I read the following description in 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff (one of my favorite authors):

"Yorkshire Pudding out of this world, we have nothing like it, I had to describe it to somebody as a high, curved, smooth, empty waffle."

I think I like the link to the 2nd recipe best. I'll let you know the results if I give it a go.

Steph Garvey said...

Thanks for your suggestions about Microsoft Money!