Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shanghai Bok Choy

I think the first time I ever saw Bok Choy was in a computer game similar to Pac Man. All these mysterious looking veggies would pop out of the center of the maze…

Bok Choy (a.k.a. Chinese White Cabbage) is, as you may have guessed from it's alternative name - a member of the cabbage family. It can be eaten raw or stir-fried. I voted to stir fry mine.

Bok choy is usually sold in a package of 8 or so little bundles and you can eat the leaves and the stalks, which is a good thing b/c once you start cooking the leaves, they shrivel down to almost nothing.

When I was cutting down the stalks I thought it looked like a beautiful rose and thought it would make a nice garnish for a veggie tray...have the "rose" in the center of the dish and surround it with all the other vegetables.

I really liked the taste- similar to regular cooked cabbage, but a much milder flavor and none of the nasty odor.

The girl thought it was “pretty good”, the boy just said “I don’t know what it tastes like”. They both ate a couple of mouthfuls of it and then asked if they needed to finish their portions (which they did not have to).

Here is a recipe I used to flavor the cooked bok choy (though I did not add the ginger). I would definitely buy bok choy again - and if you have any recipes in which to use bok choy - I'd love to have them.


The Correspondent said...

I've always wondered what to do with Bok Choy, but never did the research. I'd like to try this sometime.

It's rumored that I'll be getting some Christmas money, and I'm hoping to use some of it to buy Melissa's Great Book of Produce.

EdibleEducation said...

I'm anxiously awaiting a different produce book I ordered on eBay...

Field Guide to Produce by Aliza Green

Don't know how good it is - but I'll probably do a posting on it, once it was about 1/2 the price of the Melissa book.