Saturday, December 15, 2007

Passion Fruit

The passion fruit is a berry fruit - and per berry, it's definitely the most expensive berry I have ever come across.

This little fruit intrigued me because of it's name and it's cute little size (about the size of a small plum) and it's high price...$2.19 the sticker on it said (but the cashier rang it up incorrectly and when I later checked my receipt to the sticker I found out I was charged $2.79). The $2.19 was enough, without being charged an additional 60 cents...

I figured that for that price - it must taste WONDERFUL! I had heard of passion fruit - but didn't even have a clue to what it looked like.

As I said, it was small like a plum - and almost the same color as a purple one. It was lightweight and the outside was kind of wrinkled and when I pressed on it - it felt like I was pressing on something that was hollow, like a ping pong ball. It seemed quite fragile.

When I cut open this little gem - I was rather disappointed. It was filled with some jelly-like covered seeds (similar to a pomegranate) - and not many of them.

It had a pleasant, but not overpowering smell. It was crunchy because of course you eat the seeds, and it tasted a bit like a sour grape. The kids thought it tasted similar to a kiwi.

I imagine if I had had more than a teaspoonful to taste - I could give a better description.

I don't ever intend to spend that amount of money on a passion fruit again - but if I had never bought it, I'd always be wondering what it was like.

On a side note - I did call the store to let them know of the overcharge, as I only go there about once a month (1/2 hr from home) and wanted to make sure I'd be refunded for the difference. It wasn't that the 60 cents was going to make a financial difference in my life - it was the principle of the whole thing. This same cashier also rang up 2 different items 2x instead of once. She tried arguing with me when I pointed it out nicely. A few more items and then another item is double rung.

The point is - it's not our job to be making sure that the cashier rings up every item correctly. With keeping an eye on the children, or loading up the counter with groceries - who can see every item. But on the other hand, it IS our job to be making sure that our items are rung up correctly. If we don't - no one else will.


trish said...

Came by to say thanks for stopping by my blog and wish you Merry Christmas! This entry caught my Hawaii we call passionfruit is one of my favorite fruits! Love it in cream cheese, as juice, in pie, danish, etc. Lovely stuff!

You might want to watch for frozen pulp to use versus fresh...that is quite little for so much!

I also wanted to tell you that our youngest (now almost 16) made a box computer and used it for over a year. She really loved her "puter". I think she was about 3 or 4 when she did this. Who knows? They may grow up to be inventors! *S*