Monday, December 17, 2007

Our First Real Snow

This morning the children and I went sledding. Over the weekend we got about 5 inches of snow - a big snowfall for these parts.

Since Saturday morning the children have been asking if we could go sledding. There is a park close by with some gentle sloping "hills"...steep enough for young kids to be excited about...but not so steep that you tire yourself out, tramping up and down.

It wasn't too cold out this morning - so it seemed like a good time to "hit the slopes" - need to make hay while the sun shines, or in our case - go sledding before the sun melts all the snow.

We got good and bundled up in ski pants, boots, mitts and hats.

We were having fun - when after about 1/2 hr my dd started complaining of "exhaustion". She tends to be very dramatic - so I figured she was exaggerating and decided a change of hill might do some good. We started walking over to another spot we sledded on last year - but the kids never made it. The girl plopped down in the snow - said she was too tired and was ready to go home.

When I took her up on her offer - suddenly she wasn't so tired - but I figured we'd go home.

Once home, she told me that actually she had been feeling sick this morning...headache and such - but wasn't sure if she was sick ((I imagine some of it was she did not want to miss out on sledding). I took her temp - she had a fever...sigh I gave her some Tylenol, she lay down on the couch and fell asleep...waking up and feeling improved some. I didn't have any soda in the house, and I knew she needed to be drinking something (she didn't want to eat) we went out to pick up, what we like to refer to as "liquid sustenance" - a.k.a. a Slurpee.

If a child is sick - we get a's cold, easy to drink and they love them.

I figured "t'is the season" (for sickness that is) - and am hoping the boy and the parents can avoid sickness this season...and that the girl's health improves before Christmas.


The Correspondent said...

Hooray for SNOW! We only get snow once every five or so years.

I'm sorry about your daughter's fever and headache. I hope no one else gets it and everyone is well for Christmas.

~ The Correspondent

Cyndi Lewis said...

Never thought of slurpies! My kids go for milkshakes and Sierra Mist. My daughter has the same thing... headache, fever, tired. No sore throat yet though. She did eat a small lunch and I just gave her tylenol. Gotta love winter.

EdibleEducation said...

We get maybe one decent (meaning enough to go sledding) snow a year - and the kids take full advantage of it.

I think partly why the slurpees work so well is that they are icy cold, full of sugar, you can eat/drink it with a spoon or a straw - so no drinking too quickly - which when a child is sick, we all know what can happen.

Oh yeah - another reason the slurpees work so well - b/c I love them and it's an excuse for me to get one too!

Beth said...

Ah, snow. Only in our dreams here in this part of TX! We did have a super-rare ice storm last year. That was a blast 0 good excuse for hot chocolate and husband home from work!