Friday, December 28, 2007

Finger Lickin' Good Fingerling Potatoes

Today I cooked up a mess of "Fingerling Potatoes". They are little and cute. "Irresistibly cute" says the package. And they were and are.

Even regular foods can seem "exotic" and exciting when they are miniature. At least I thought so.

Until I saw this bag in the supermarket, I didn't even know they existed. Of course I have had the little red "baby" or "new" potatoes before...but these were smaller and fun shapes.

The fingerlings came in a 2 lb bag that contained an assortment of 4 different varieties - Rose Finn, Russian Banana, French Fingerling and LaRatte.

I especially liked the yellowish Russian Banana, that yes, did look like a mini banana.

I didn't have much time today so I just ended up boiling the fingerlings, which was probably the most unexciting way to fix them - but at least we'd have the true flavor.

I really liked them...they seemed creamier and less dry than your garden variety potatoes.

The kids were not too thrilled. As noted before, ds HATES any kind of potato unless the word chip follows it or it's disguised as a French Fry. Dd used to like potatoes but now she insists that she ONLY likes sweet potatoes. All other potatoes are eaten with a grim face.

The cuteness didn't work for the kids.

I would love to roast a batch of these in the same pan with chicken or beef - so I think that's what I will do the next time I buy them.

The kind of haze you see in the picture below is the steam coming up from the potatoes - I LOVE my new camera!