Saturday, December 1, 2007

Exotic Edibles For the Days Ahead

Here is a photo of some of the exotic edibles we are planning to try in the near future.

The store we usually buy these things from is about 1/2 hr from home, so it's not a trip I make weekly. I would like for us to try more of the fresh fruits and veggies but due to the distance - I'm also happy to try these foods frozen, dried or canned.

On the list are: frog legs (frozen), blue cheese, palm fruit, wing beans and more. I am really excited to try the frog legs, but I need to read up and find out the best way to prepare them.

We were also excited to find WHOLE squid and octopus in the frozen food section. It was fun to see how enthusiastic the children were to see all these things we've read about.

My dd came across a durian fruit and recognized it right away. It has a very hard shell like a coconut - but it is light colored and very bumpy. No odor could be detected with the hard shell on it. Now that is something I am really going to have to think about. Apparently the smell is so bad that in some countries, there are posters warning you not to bring them on the bus or into hotels. I figure I could buy it in the winter and open it outside on the day before trash is picked up...with double bags on hand :)