Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Dinner - Chinese Style

I hope it doesn't seem too pathetic that I am blogging Christmas evening. But you see the kids are in bed and we are home alone (our extended family gathering not until Saturday) - and I have been having fun with my new camera and want to try posting some new pictures here. And of course I want to blog about our Christmas Dinner - Chinese Style.

As I mentioned here, we decided to break with tradition and instead of a home cooked meal for Christmas - we decided to go a Chinese restaurant for our main meal.

It was great!

The kids had never been to a Chinese restaurant before, so it was fun having them try out different foods. It was buffet style - so they could pick and choose what they wanted...or thought they wanted.

When we first arrived, dd asked the waitress if she could have chopsticks :)

Dd tried crab ragoon - didn't like it. She thought it was going to be something like a pierogie and I think she was surprised at the sweet taste. PS - I don't like it either.

She also tried some squid - she liked it some, but it was very spicy. Ds had a small taste and said "yuck". I was put off by the fact that it was cold, but I liked it otherwise.

Crab legs were a favorite for dd. She enjoyed using the "crackers" to snap open the legs and dig out the meat. She had a few portions of crab legs (with a generous helping of melted butter). And when she was finished eating, including dessert - this was one thing she went back and took more of.

Fried shrimp was the highlight of the meal for both children. They LOVE shrimp! And of course breaded, fried shrimp is the best. But dd also tried some unbreaded, cold shrimp and some unbreaded shrimp mixed with some veggies. Both kids ate as much shrimp as their little tummies could hold...and dd was popping the whole shrimp in her mouth - not caring that she was eating the tail as well.

Dd did not like the black pepper chicken.

I don't usually have much dessert at Chinese restaurants, but ds enjoyed two "sugar biscuits" (like a sugar donut), both had ice-cream, and dd tried some "cake" that she did not like.

The dessert below is what I had (well there was more - but this was from one of my visits to the dessert buffet). The pink "cake" was yummy - kind of a strawberry flavor...the chocolate had a coffee taste also...and the cream puff was yummy too. Would have been better with some chocolate drizzled over it (what wouldn't benefit from chocolate drizzles?).


Kay said...

Christmas at a Chinese Restaurant reminds me of A Christmas Story! LOL

We went to a Thai/Vietnamese place,(my current favorite restaurant) on Christmas Eve for lunch. My son is very good about tasting new things. My daughter, not so much.

EdibleEducation said...

I remember watching that movie but I don't remember the "Chop Suey Palace" scene I read about. I just went ahead and reserved it at the library b/c now I want to see it again.

It was kind of ironic that in the Chinese restaurant - mid all of the Chinese decorations - there was a Christmas tree. And the waitress, barely speaking good English - wished us "Merry Christmas" a couple of times.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

This is great! I had the hardest time deciding what to have for Christmas dinner.