Thursday, December 27, 2007

Botan Rice Candy

I found these cute little candy boxes at the world food store and bought a couple to put in the kids' Christmas stockings.

There are about 4 or 5 individually wrapped chewy candies inside the box. My ds was needing my help to remove the plastic wrap from his candy - but it was so entwined with the candy that I said, I guess you'll have to eat the plastic too. Which he did, after we tore off as much as we could.

The next day he comes to me with the same problem and by this time I decided that it would not be good for his digestive system to eat all of these candies with the plastic wrap still on them (hey I saw the film when I was in school about what happens to dolphins when plastic bags get thrown into the ocean). Seems like I remember having a habit of chewing on (hopefully not swallowing but you never know) bits of plastic bread bags. Anyway - so I had my son pitch his last candy :(

Well then later - after it's too late to retrieve the candy from the trash I read a little notice on the tip of the candy box that is tucked into the box "each candy has an edible inner wrapper that melts in your mouth." We went and checked out sister's candy b/c the boy's was all gone (mother having thrown the last in the trash) and I tore off some of the "plastic", put it in my mouth and sure enough it melted!

So much for worrying about someone's innards becoming clogged with plastic!

Anyway - now we all had a taste of this chewy candy and liked it (I of course being careful to chew on the side of my mouth that did not contain the broken tooth!). Dd said "it tastes just like an orange slurpee". Orange slurpees by the way, are pretty much right at the top of the slurpee flavor chart in my opinion.

It had a good orange fruity flavor. Nothing scary - dd was worried it would taste "strange" and kids of course do not want strange tasting candy.

Do I feel bad about throwing away my wee lad's last Botan Rice Candy? Well being that he has been on a constant sugar high since about the beginning of the month, plus he still has a stash of other Christmas candy - I'd say definitely not.

Here is something odd - the box says "free children's sticker inside" and shows a picture of a flower (for a girl) and a racecar (for a boy)...also shows on the other side a cat and an elephant.

So what fun sticker did my 5 yr old boy receive in his box - a tattoo. Now normally he likes tattoos. But a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon was not quite what he was hoping for.


ShabbyInTheCity said...

We got introduced to some oriental candy called Pocky by some friends. I see it now in Wal-Mart!
I like your idea about education :)