Friday, November 30, 2007

But Not On Us the Oysters Cried

Well after talking about "The Walrus and the Carpenter" in my previous post, I went and read that poem to the kids again. Then when we headed out to the store - and they obviously had oysters on the mind.

As am I wandering about the kids have stumbled upon a "treasure". They are excitedly calling to me "They have oysters" "They have eels" "They have snails". I decided on a can of smoke oysters. I didn't like the fact that it was packed in "cottonseed oil", I prefer water packed - but bought it anyway.

The kids wanted the oysters for lunch - so I opened up the can, or "unveiled" it as my dd said.

I did not like the looks of the little fellows packed into some yellowish looking oily oil. The kids though, at least the girl, were very impatient to try it. Dd said when she first looked at it, "looks like the yum yums grandma feeds the kitties." Then I heard, "not bad - it tastes like shredded crab - actually pretty good. Tastes really good on bread".

The boy first exclaimed, "It smells terrible...tastes like tuna a little, " then "hmmm not bad."

The girl ate 2 of them but said she was disappointed in how they tasted - thought they'd taste better. She thought they would not have been so slimy. The boy ate only one and thought too that they would have been harder.

I thought they tasted a bit like canned tuna, with a hint of smokiness. They were little and slimy and dark. Not an unpleasant taste - but not something I'd be wanting to buy regularly. I thought they would have been more chewy and rubbery, but at least the ones we had were very soft and the inside was kind of the consistency of liverworst.

I would like to try them in a "nice" restaurant sometime - but not raw and not cold!


Suzanne said...

Oooh spending summers on Cape Cod we always ate raw oysters with a dash of lemon juice or tobasco sauce---yummy! YOu might like

Munkamama said...

I think my dd would be more likely to try them raw than I would.

It's all what you are used to :)

That's why we usually prefer our food cooked and prepared the way it was done when we were growing up.

First time my dh tasted my mother's stuffing recipe - he thought it was ODD. It is nothing like his mom's at all. But I've made it enough times and he's gotten used to it - so much that I noticed he even asked for seconds.

Edi said...